Managing The Flow Of Your Money Effectively To Improve Your Economy

Financial education will help you have good control of your money flow. What is the main difference between a rich person and a poor person? Where is the difference of the line that separates them? Intelligence? luck ?.

I don’t think so, the key to everything is how to manage the flow of your money. Being rich not intelligence is a matter of habit, these habits are based mainly on our past conditioning. If you are not managing your money flow well this means that you were not programmed for that. It is almost certain that you are not managing your money effectively that you cannot even pay your mortgage.


To master money, you must know how to manage it

To master money, you must know how to manage it

There are two phrases that I love and that people with mediocre mentality often repeat:

  • Managing money restricts my freedom.
  • I don’t have enough money to manage.

These phrases make no sense to the contrary, managing your money correctly will never restrict your freedom otherwise it will expand it.


When you manage your money flow well

When you manage your money flow well

You can create economic independence so you don’t have to work anymore.

The second sentence is another excuse. Not having enough money is not a reason for not managing, rather you should start managing to have enough money.

  • The first thing you should do is create the habit of saving.
  • Saving is part of good management. This will allow you to buy a new house.
  • Having a lot of money to save or have little is not the most important thing, but the habit of doing it.

It is easy to carry out an action plan using several accounts for different purposes whether your plan is to gather to buy your house. Creating diversified accounts will help you work based on percentages, which will allow you to create a habit with little or a lot.

Good education starts with good habits. Even to buy a new home or apply for a loan, the habit will help you keep up with your accounts.